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In our MIKROMAX lubrication system MVE is a standard system that also works according to the Venturi principle, ie compressed air supplied atomized in the nozzle thin liquid lubricant for cooling mist. The compressed air and the amount of refrigerant can be sensitively adjusted with needle valves in the appropriate requirement. The system operates at an air pressure of 3 bar. For higher pressure up to 6 bar, the coolant is atomized appropriately fine.

Switching on the lubricant and compressed air is supplied with this system electrically via solenoid valves. Thus, this system may be automated, ie via a single CNC control on and off.

The system is completely ready assembled and consists of:

1. Coolant reservoir with a capacity of approximately 1.6 liters.

2. 2 meters connection hose between the tank and spray head.

3. spray head with needle valves and flexible adjustable nozzle.

4. Suction filter in coolant reservoir.



This system can be fitted on V-manifold with another nozzle.

More nozzles, see "Accessories".


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